Professional Development

At Teaching2gether we believe that professional collaboration is the key to successful inclusive education.


When educators work well together, students with special needs flourish alongside their typically developing peers. At Teaching2gether we are committed to delivering exceptional professional development as a means to achieve these goals. We offer consulting services, on-site and virtual coaching, webinars, and interactive workshops to support all stakeholders working to provide access to a quality educational experience for students of all abilities.

When developing our services for teachers, administrators, technologists or parents we draw on both current, research-based practices and our combined backgrounds as inclusive educators and consultants in New York City and Texas. Previous clients and employers include Community Roots Charter School (NYC), PBS Kids,, G&R Learning, and Region 13 Education Service Center in Texas.

Our services include:

  • Introducing and facilitating effective collaborative strategies for the classroom
  • Leading workshops and coaching educators on inclusive practices and strategies
  • Consulting on content, outreach, and classroom implementation of educational technology (apps, software, multi-media)
  • Empowering teachers to use tools skillfully to meet every student’s different learning needs
  • Developing differentiated, standards-based curriculum



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